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We always look for the best cost/benefit ratio for our customers.

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By handling the full range of medium and low voltage solutions we can offer the optimal equipment for the industrial processes and the type of problem.

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Depending on the benefits decade solution, we select and specify. In this way the results are guaranteed to avoid later investments.

Ford Chihuahua in compliance with grid code

The Ford Chihuahua plant was non-compliant with the grid code on PF parameters under low load conditions. In addition, the plant was constantly experiencing voltage fluctuations causing problems with electronic equipment and robot restarts or failures.


Grid Code Compliance Solution for MINERA FRISCO

Previously, the Load Center did not comply with the power factor requirement indicated in the Grid Code. Therefore, an equipment was implemented, which could adapt to the reactive power demand by reading two feeders at different voltages and perform a dynamic compensation to ensure compliance at the PCC (114 kV).


Tupy acquires a STATCOM and complies with Grid Code requirements

Tupy Saltillo is currently non-compliant with the power factor and current unbalance requirements of the Grid Code.

In order for the Tupy Saltillo plant to eliminate the two current non-compliances, a delta-connected STATCOM alternative is required. This is due to the fact that the current unbalance cannot be eliminated with load balancing, since part of its load is naturally unbalanced


Automotive Plant Corrects Power Factor and Unbalance with Compact Solution

Our customer was in default in Power Factor, Current Unbalance and Flicker. Their load center had more than 30 transformers with low voltage compensation, in addition to medium voltage equipment. Reconfiguring all this reactive investment was a big challenge.

We implemented a STATCOM to solve the power factor problems, both on the capacitive and inductive side, in addition to correcting the unbalance problem. All with a single piece of equipment. Learn more about this success story below.


Cement industry corporate achieves plant compliance with "plug and play" solution

An important cement industry corporation was in non-compliance with the power factor in all its plants, in addition many of them had fixed compensation equipment in medium voltage and single step that contributed reagents to the network with more than 15 years old.

We implemented a FALCON for compensation in container type equipment with modular design and plug and play solution, which considerably reduced the cost of installation of the equipment. See all the details of this success story.


Installation of liquidation measurement system in record time for a vinyl resin manufacturer

This vinyl resin manufacturer needed to move the geometry of its substation to enable a connection and accommodate new equipment in a very small area.

We successfully installed the lightning arresters, potential transformers, current transformers, power switches and blades in 2 months. They now have main plant and power protections to operate normally uninterrupted.


Correction of Power Factor and Current Unbalance at an Automotive plant that shared an electrical substation.

This company was looking to correct its Power Factor and Current Unbalance to be in compliance with the Grid Code. However, it faced several challenges such as limited available area, dual requirements to meet and a long distance between the main power supply and the main equipment.

We implemented a STATCOM for its ability to meet these electrical parameters. This new technology will serve the customer in the medium term in its future power and reactive power quality requirements.


First installation of STATCOM in a Mexican mine with adverse conditions

Corporate wanted all of its mines to be in compliance with Grid Code parameters (Power Factor, Flicker and Harmonics).

The challenge at this particular mine was the 17-hour distance and the freezing cold temperatures on the roads to get there.

We made adaptations to install the solution in the reduced space available and fully complied with the safety requirements (personal protective equipment, anti-explosion and anti-collapse precautions).

They are currently in compliance with the Power Factor for practically 100% of the time and have regularized their other parameters to be in compliance.


Rearrangement of substation geometry for installation of settlement equipment

The client needed to comply with the requirements of the metering manual, which posed 3 main challenges: expanding the substation area, repositioning the required equipment and getting the equipment ready to be energized in a very short time.

We made changes of 115 thousand volts equipment to have a new settlement measurement that complied with the regulations, adapting them to the geometry of the substation in record time.


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