Static Synchronous Compensator

  • Fastest solutions available for Dynamic Voltage/VAR compensation
  • Active harmonic filtering capability
  • Smallest footprint per kVAr
  • Newest, most reliable technology available
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1. Control and Protection
Equipped with a friendly HMI interface, our STATCOM offers ease of operation and multifunctional control settings. The system features remote real-time monitoring capabilities.

2. Cooling system
Air/water or water/water cooling options are available. Our systems are designed with water pump redundancy for greater reliability.

3. Power Unit
This is the key element of the STATCOM. Our design offers high voltage with extremely low harmonic distortion using a low switching frequency that reduces power losses. We offer Wire bond or Press Pack IGBTs.

4. Reactor
Air core reactors offer high power density solutions. For some ratings and topologies, we can offer iron core, indoor reactors contained within the STATCOM for even a smaller footprint.

Operating principle

STATCOM is the newest VAR compensation technology available. The system is connected in parallel to the grid, generating a voltage waveform synchronized with the grid. Controlling the output voltage magnitude and frequency we can inject a rapidly changing current to follow the load reactive power requirements.


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Proper selection and configuration of equipment can offer substantial benefits 


Renewable Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Power factor control and voltage regulation is a must for renewable generation to comply grid code requirements.

  • Mitigate harmonics
  • Meet voltage & power factor requirements
  • Stabilize grid voltage
  • Reduce transmission losses
  • Balance three-phase power
  • Improve transient stability
  • Increase line capacity
  • Damp power oscillations

Steel Industry

A steady voltage and low harmonic content, increases productivity

  • Reduce electrode consumption
  • Increase refractory life
  • Garner more favorable tariffs
  • Reduce outages

Heavy Industry

Load evolution demands faster and more efficient solutions to avoid downtime and increase equipment life. 

  • Energy cost reduction
  • Reduce outages
  • Increase productivity
  • Comply grid code requirements

FACTS Comparison

STATCOM is a newer technology than SVC, because of its advantages and versatility, it is replacing SVC as the main power quality and reactive compensation solution.


Case study

Industry: Steel
Load: 2 x 120 MVAs EAF steel facility
Objective: Comply new grid code requirements
Solution: Replace fixed harmonic filters with 320 MVAR STATCOM solution

Although the main objective was to comply grid code power factor and power quality requirements, we obtained substantial productivity benefits.


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