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Low-voltage filters for reactive power compensation

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Elspec Equalizer

Real-time reactive power compensation system

The Elspec Equalizer is a high-performance real-time power quality solution for dynamic load compensation, which can lead to substantial energy efficiency.

Elspec's all-in-one Equalizer is a highly accurate real-time power quality solution to compensate reactive power, eliminate voltage sags, filter harmonics, reduce flicker and voltage fluctuations, increase machinery lifetime and improve production quality.

The equalizer offers many functions in a simple solution and is a unique system that compensates low and medium voltage loads in real time. Medium-voltage loads are compensated by a step-up transformer.

  • Thyristor switching
  • 1 cycle response time
  • Fault detection system
  • Communication software
  • Scanning system
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Elspec Activate

Transient-free power factor correction systems

The Elspec Activar is a transient-free solid-state switching power factor correction system with high durability to compensate typical, stable loads.

Elspec's all-in-one Activar system is a transient-free, solid-state power quality solution and is highly effective for compensating lagging power factor, filtering harmonics and improving machinery life. The Elspec Activar offers many functions in a simple solution and is safe thanks to its zero-crossing switching.

  • Thyristor switching
  • 1 cycle response time
  • Fault detection system
  • Communication software
  • Scanning system


(Thyristor Switching)

Electronic switching by thyristors

Transient-free switching of voltage and current transients

Response time in less than 1 cycle

Uniform capacitor group operation

Compensates for highly variable load profiles

Longer life time

Flicker mitigation

Voltage drop prevention

(Electromechanical contactor)

Switching with electromechanical contactors

Switching with voltage and current transients

Response time 2-3 minutes

They do not distribute the work among their capacitor groups.

Not able to follow rapidly varying loads

Shorter life time

No flicker mitigation

Correct voltage drops with delay


Electronic switching provides a faster switching speed which allows a substantial improvement in the performance of the equipment.

Capacitor switching on and off occurs at zero current crossing, avoiding transients which are detrimental to the equipment and system.

Faster response time allows for more effective load compensation, helping to comply with allowable grid code limits.

Equal sharing of operating times increases the lifetime of the filter components.

Conventional filters are not able to follow load trends that vary within seconds, whereas Equalizer filters compensate in less than 1 cycle.

Thanks to their advanced electronic transient-free switching and control system, the components suffer less wear than those of conventional filters.

Conventional equipment has a high response time and is not able to mitigate flicker.

Conventional filters correct voltage flicker minutes after it occurs, while Equalizer filters correct it in cycles.

elspec blackbox g5pmu

Dynamic analysis of transmission and distribution power systems.

Fasor measurement unit

The BlackBox BlackBox G5PMU is a full-featured phasor measurement unit (PMU) embedded with PQZIP technology.

PQZIP inside

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• Continuous waveform recording
• Free activation
• Configuration 5,000 power parameters and 1/2 cycle resolution
• Easy deployment

Class A

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Far exceeding the highest standards set by the industry, the BLACKBOX series of devices meets standards for: aggregations, time clock uncertainty, marking and transient influence quantities.

Superior accuracy

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The G5DFR is equipped with a 24-bit ADC to deliver superior accuracy that far exceeds IEC 61000-4-30 Class A requirements, thus capturing the finest details and deviations in PQ parameters.

Synchronized monitoring

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The BlackBox DFR synchronization algorithm is based on multiple sources with an automatic hierarchy for preferred source availability (accuracy-based hierarchy). This unique time synchronization algorithm ensures that data recorded from multiple units are synchronized and displayed on the same time scale with a typical resolution of 1 μs.

Measurements for Network Code evaluation

blackBox elspec - 10

BlackBox fixed power quality analyzers

The BlackBox Elspec is the most advanced power quality analyzer on the market today, equipped with the revolutionary patented PQZIP algorithm for continuous waveform recording. It allows you to predict, prevent and troubleshoot an occurrence easily, without the need to set any triggers or thresholds to capture a specific event.

Modelos: Elspec G4410, Elspec G4420 and Elspec G4430

  • Elspec's pioneering measurement method uses a 2 x 16-bit dual range gain for superior accuracy that far exceeds IEC 61000-4-30 Class A requirements.
  • 5000 parameter recording
  • Ensures reliable and consistent power supply.
  • Evaluates the performance of switches and relays.
  • Identifies and manages peak demand.
  • Produces detailed and comprehensive statistical records
  • Monitors and analyzes power quality in real time.
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G4500 Portable Power Quality Analyzer

The Elspec G4500 is a portable power quality analyzer and takes power monitoring to a whole new level by using the revolutionary PQZIP patent algorithm. The unique algorithm allows you to measure, store and analyze (continuously) waveform signals regardless of their size.

  • Far exceeds the highest standards set by the industry
  • Real-time power quality monitoring to meet any international standard
  • Detects power bill inconsistencies
  • Produces detailed and comprehensive statistical records
  • Monitors and analyzes power quality in real time.
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Pure BlackBox portable power quality analyzer

The Pure BlackBox, an advanced portable power quality analyzer integrated with PQZIP technology, is an easy to use plug and play device that continuously records all power quality parameters without threshold settings or recording configuration. The device is available in 2 versions: single-phase, three-phase.

  • Continuous waveform recording
  • IEC61000-4-30 class A devices
  • Hot-swappable SD card slot
  • Fast USB to PC connectivity
  • Plug and Play

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