Steel production

We offer our customers cutting-edge solution, from equipment specifcation and supply, up to a full turn key project.

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Power Quality Importance

In no other industry, does improving power quality and controlling reactive power have more impact than in Steel production.

With proven solutions that can improve productivity up to 6%, we can offer attractive returns over investment projects.

Our technical expertise and broad portfolio of products guarantee our customers the best and most cost-effective solution for their needs.

We offer solutions to address issues ranging from power factor regulation to electric arc furnace flicker and harmonic distortion mitigation.

Power Quality Importance

Diram offers a wide range of products and services for renewable generation plants. We are there to guide our customers from the early stages of a project, up to the implementation of the required interconnection solutions.

Electrical studies

Electrical studies

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Passive compensation

Passive compensation

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Dynamic compensation

Dynamic compensation

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Electrical studies

To ensure optimal system performance and personnel safety we offer a wide range of power system studies to guide our customers and meet their needs.

Our technical team is highly skilled in the steel production sector. With the best Class A portable measurement devices, the most advanced simulation software and wide technical expertise, we quickly and accurately specify cost-effective solutions for voltage stability, power quality and voltage/ power factor regulation applications.

  • Power flow
  • Harmonic Simulation
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Reactive Compensation Design
  • Electrical Models
  • Short Circuit
  • Protection Coordination
  • Arc Flash
  • Productivity Improvement Analysis
  • Site Electrical Measurements

Passive Compensation

Open rack

Open rack

Open Rack capacitor banks and harmonic filters with Southern States CapSwitcher® are the most widely used solution among renewable energy generation sites.

Open Rack solutions are very cost-effective for applications with large, steady-state reactive power compensation requirements. Our capacitor banks are well-known, proven solutions fully backed by Diram.

Metal enclosed

Metal enclosed

Metal Enclosed Switchgear style harmonic filters and capacitor banks are customizable for specific needs.

Because of its easy installation, metal enclosed systems are becoming very popular for renewable generation solutions.

Download the brochure with our full value proposition for your industry

Download the brochure with our full value proposition for your industry


STATCOM – Static Synchronous Compensator

  • Fastest solutions available for Dynamic Voltage/VAR compensation
  • Active harmonic filtering capability
  • Smallest footprint per kVAr
  • Newest, most reliable technology available

Power factor control and voltage regulation is a must for renewable generation to comply grid code requirements.

  • Mitigate harmonics
  • Meet voltage & power factor requirements
  • Stabilize grid voltage
  • Reduce transmission losses
  • Balance three-phase power
  • Improve transient stability
  • Increase line capacity
  • Damp power oscillations
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Case study

Industry: Steel
Load: 2 x 120 MVAs EAF steel facility
Objective: Comply new grid code requirements
Solution: Replace fixed harmonic filters with 320 MVAR STATCOM solution

Although the main objective was to comply grid code power factor and power quality requirements, we obtained substantial productivity benefits.


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