Electrical Studies

Power Quality

With power quality studies, we compare the current state of electrical parameters with international standards. In addition to identifying the possible causes of equipment damage and production stoppages.

The objective of the study is to determine solutions to improve the power quality of the evaluated circuits.

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Power flow simulation

With specialized software, simulations of future scenarios can be carried out.

The objective of this study is to determine the impact of new loads, generation, operation modes, etc. on the evaluated electrical system in order to take preventive actions and determine possible required investments.

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Study of harmonics

We perform analysis of harmonics generated from voltage and current distortions according to the guidelines of the Grid Code. Avoid damage to your electrical and electronic equipment.

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Short circuit, coordination of protection and arc flash

The main objective of the study is to ensure the safety of the client's personnel and equipment by verifying that the interrupting capabilities are adequate.

In addition, we correctly coordinate the protection devices to reduce the impact of faults, and finally, we can identify the personal protection equipment required in each panel, reducing the possible damages to the personnel.

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Load center evaluations

We perform measurements in the main supply to know the behavior of your plant (voltage, current, harmonics, etc).

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Power plant evaluations

We carry out measurements at the point of connection for the CFE to evaluate the performance of your company (harmonics, voltage, current, etc).

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Electrical Measurements

We have the largest amount of measurement equipment in Mexico, with more than 80 class A equipment for the correct evaluation of power quality parameters.

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