Study of harmonics

We perform analysis of harmonics generated from voltage and current distortions according to the guidelines of the Grid Code.

In order to perform the Arc flash study, it is necessary to have previously performed the short circuit study. In turn, for the coordination of protections it is necessary to know the short circuit level.

Short circuit study

We perform three-phase fault simulations, line to ground fault, line to line fault and line to line to ground fault. This allows us to know the short circuit currents at each point of the system, for half-cycle and 5-cycle asymmetrical currents, as well as initial and steady-state symmetrical currents.

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Protection coordination study

When starting an installation it is necessary to perform a short-circuit evaluation to know the capacities of the equipment to be installed. In addition to determine the fuses and thermomagnetic switches required for proper operation.

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Arc Flash Study

This risk assessment analysis complements the scopes of the Protection Coordination Study. It evaluates the conditions of the power plant according to NFPA 70E-2018 standards.

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What does this study do?

Harmonics are formed from voltage and current distortions, generating heating in cables, motors, machines and other electrical / electronic equipment.

They usually appear when the wave frequency is manipulated by electronic ballasts, UPS systems or variable speed drives in a way that converts it from alternating to direct. This causes distortion to form and create higher frequencies.

They are one of the factors regulated by the Grid Code, so their analysis will allow you to make sure you are in compliance with the range required by this regulation.


  • We analyze distortions and help you create a work plan to eliminate them, identify resonances to optimize the performance of your systems.
  • We work in compliance with IEEE 519 standards.
  • We perform the evaluation according to the criteria of the Grid Code.
  • Avoid CENACE fines by being in compliance.
  • If you need energy saving equipment to meet the requirements of the standard we provide them.
  • We provide recommendations and best practices to maintain optimal operation.
  • By performing these studies we gather valuable information about your operation to support you quickly in case of any unforeseen future events.

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