Procedures before CENACE and CRE

Avoid fines and delays in your projects by approaching the experts to manage your procedures before CENACE and CRE.

Some of the procedures we help you to manage

We have qualified personnel who have supported different users in all the regional control and transmission departments. Avoid rejection of requests and waste of time in your procedures.

Implementation of work plan for Grid Code

We support users connected in medium or high voltage who have not submitted a work plan to the CRE or who received a request to update their old Grid Code work plan.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

We advise you on compliance with the Information and Communication Technologies Manual and the CRE's Metering Manual for Settlement.

Management of changes in connection and interconnection points.

We advise load centers and power plants in their request for voltage level change before CENACE or the basic supplier.

Studies using EMTP and PSSE software

We perform studies with specialized software to comply with the requirements of the corresponding Regional Control Management.

Surveying and updating of electrical plans

We carry out surveys for ARC flash studies and protection coordination.

Annex IV for load centers and power plants

We advise you in the elaboration and requirements of Annex IV in processes of production increase, change of connection point or interconnection or new connections to the SNE.

Management of electricity demand increases

We support you in the compliance and documentation of the requirements of the authority when increasing your contracted demand or expanding the facilities of your plant.

Management of Connection and Interconnection Contracts

We provide legal advice on your connection and interconnection contract requests before CENACE and CFE.

Change of electricity supplier

We provide legal advice in the preparation of Annex IV and documentation of procedures for change of electricity suppliers.

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