Annex IV for load centers and power plants

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We advise you in the preparation and requirements of Annex IV in processes of demand or generation increase, change of connection point or interconnection or new connections to the SEN.

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What is an Annex IV request?

Annex IV is a series of files and Unifilar Diagrams (DUs) that are delivered to the governmental authority so that its analysis dictates how it is possible for the plant to cover its needs.

We help you with this process before CENACE, the entity in charge of managing and supervising the part of the market participants.

Who must comply with Annex IV?

CENACE requests this requirement to:

  • Plants that want to increase their production. This is interpreted as an increase in the Contracted Load or Installed Capacity.
  • When the plant is going to make a change of connection point or interconnection.
  • New load centers or power plants that need to connect or interconnect to the National Electric System.

Why choose Diram?

  • We have extensive experience in the requirements of the different Regional Control Managements.
  • We are experts in determining the possible scenarios that may arise and we know the actions to take in each one of them.
  • We have worked in more than 50 successful managements in all regional managements.

It avoids several problems such as:  

  • Very long collection times of relevant technical information.
  • Not knowing the order or criteria of the information within the files that are not specifically mentioned in the Connection and Interconnection Manual.
  • Longer time in the approval of the technical information delivered to CENACE.
  • Certain information included in the DUs has to contemplate an order that is not described in the format of the Interconnection Manual.