Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

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We advise you on compliance with the Information and Communication Technologies Manual and the Measurement Manual for Settlement of the CRE.

Find out what Diram can do for you.

We help power plants that have received this requirement from the CRE, power plants that are in a law migration or load centers in a connection process, we advise you to ensure that you comply with these requirements of the CRE manuals:

  • Type of billing meters
  • Billing scheme
  • Instrument transformers for settlement meters and billing meters
  • Real-time telemetry

Sending operational signals to CENACE (SAPPSE)We perform the following steps to take you by the hand during this process:

  • Plant survey.
  • Compliance analysis of the current metering system.
  • Generation of compliance reports.
  • Implementation of the CRE manuals. 

¿Why choose Diram?

  • We have qualified personnel who have supported different users in all regional control and transmission management.
  • We have the necessary knowledge to support you with the implementation of the solution.
  • We help you to have more certainty in your electric billing.
  • Optimize your power quality and achieve greater compliance with the Grid Code.
  • Avoid rejections due to requirements that hinder compliance or service implementation.