Studies using EMTP and PSSE software

blanco diram

We perform studies with specialized software to meet the requirements of the corresponding Regional Control Management.

Learn what Diram can do for you

We make simulations using EMTP and PSSE software for:

  • High voltage load centers with motors greater than 500 HP that are in connection process before CENACE.
  • Power plants with generation capacity greater than 0.5 MW in interconnection processes before CENACE.
  • Power plants in the process of law migration.
  • Special load centers.

¿Why choose Diram?

  • We have qualified personnel in the handling of PSSE and EMTP simulation software to analyze the due compliance of the power plants and load centers that require it.
  • We provide an analysis of compliance results according to the simulations performed.
  • We have previously performed this process with all the Regional Control Managements, so we know their processes in depth.