Management of Connection and Interconnection Contracts

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We provide legal advice on your connection and interconnection contract applications before CENACE and CFE.

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We help you to manage the procedures for the Connection Contract for Load Centers and Interconnection Contract for Power Plants, before the corresponding governmental entities such as the different Management Departments of CENACE and CFE Transmission.

Connection Contract

  • This is a contract signed between the load center user and CFE Transmission or Distribution to make use of the electric infrastructure to receive the energy service. This is different from the energy supply contract made with a Basic Service Supplier or a Qualified Service Supplier.
  • It applies to load centers when changing supplier, increasing load, changing connection point, or when it is a new load center to be connected to the National Electric System.

Interconnection Contract

  • The interconnection contract allows connection to the National Electric System. It is carried out between the user and the regional transmission management (CFE).
  • It applies to power plants that are performing a migration, generation capacity increase, change of interconnection point or when it is a new power plant that needs to be connected to the National Electric System before CENACE.

Why choose Diram?

  • We have experience in supplier change processes, interconnection and connection processes.
  • We support you in the follow-up with the different managements of CENACE and CFE.
  • We are in charge of managing possible modifications to the requirements of these entities.
  • We advise you in the registration of information in the SIASIC platform, filling out oficios for the subscription to the connection contract and collection of information for the signing of the connection contract.
  • We accompany you until the end of the process to comply with regulations and avoid fines.