Management of electricity demand increases

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We support you in the compliance and documentation of the authority's requirements when increasing your contracted demand or expanding your plant's facilities.

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What is an increase in contracted demand?

It is when the user (company) increases its energy consumption. This is usually necessary when:- The company wants to increase its production, and therefore, its contracted demand for electricity.

  • When making some kind of expansion in its plant (load center, install more equipment, make another substation, place some kind of new transformers, etc).

We provide the service of electric energy demand management.

We support you with the procedures and requirements with the corresponding authorities such as the National Energy Control Center (CENACE), Federal Electricity Commission (CFE Transmission, CFE Distribution, CFE Basic Services Supplier), in order to obtain your increase in contracted demand.

  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Steel mills
  • Cement Plants
  • Electronics
  • Special cases of medium voltage companies.

Why choose Diram?

  • We have experience in the follow-up process before CENACE.
  • We have trained personnel for the elaboration of Annex IV.
  • We take you by the hand during the registration of the project in the SIASIC platform to advise you with the required information.