Case Study

Geometry rearrangement in substation for installation of settlement equipment.


Given the need to comply with the requirements of the metering manual, a solution was proposed to change the 115 thousand volt equipment in order to have a new settlement measurement that complied with the regulations.

The main challenges of this project were to expand the substation area, reposition the required equipment and get the equipment ready to be energized in a very short time.




  • They now have high precision transformers (current transformers and power transformers), a CFE requirement for the new measurements.
  • Their metering panel now has a main and backup meter to have backup measurements in case of unforeseen errors.
  • GPS synchronized clock.
  • Test boards for meter recalibration.


To accommodate the geometry of the substation we had to move the lightning arresters to the top of the substation and add a new current potential transformer for the plant settlement.

We also installed current potential transformers with their corresponding liquidation measurement panel and protections.

We delivered the liquidation measurement panel together with the calibrated meters in record time, manufactured under CFE specifications and wired according to the project needs.

Since we did not have enough space, we had to expand the substation 5 meters to accommodate the potential and current transformers, in addition to removing the lightning arresters to relocate them above the bay, thus freeing the space for the instrument transformers (current and power transformers).