Case Study

Installation of a liquidation measurement system in record time for a vinyl resin manufacturer.


This company dedicated to the manufacture of vinyl resins was looking to enable a connection of its substation with CFE of 115,000 volts.

The main challenge of this project was to move the geometry of the substation to accommodate the new equipment in an area that was already occupied and with its designated spaces.  

Even though the substation had a reduced area, we were able to find a way to install the lightning arresters, potential transformers, current transformers, power switches and blades practically under an existing bay and in record time for a substation of this type.




  • Project completed in a record time of 2 months (usually takes 5 to 7 months). 
  • Equipment assembly and connection for successful energization without unforeseen events.
  • High reliability 115 thousand volts connection with main protection, directly connected to CFE.
  • Now they have main plant protections.
  • The new equipment was successfully accommodated inside the substation.
  • They have power to continue operating normally.


A new Settlement Metering System was implemented according to DOF manual.

  • The main protection and a dead tank switch with the corresponding protection board were implemented. 
  • In addition to all the civil work and assembly involved in an installation of this type.
  • The settlement measurement was included according to the existing manuals.
  • The necessary preparations were made for future expansion of telemetry equipment.
  • A new main protection was added.