Case Study

Corporate cement industry achieves plant compliance with plug and play solution


This cement industry corporation has a significant number of plants in the country connected in high voltage to the National Electric System. It was among the first interested in complying with the requirements and after conducting the necessary studies in 2016, the following problems were identified:

  • All of its plants were non-compliant with the power factor.
  • Many of its plants had fixed medium voltage and single-step compensation equipment that contributed reactive to the grid
  • The power factor compensation equipment in most of the plants was more than 15 years old.
  • There were no other non-compliances in power factor or power quality parameters.




This type of industry is characterized by having energy consumption mainly with medium voltage loads, in addition to a very constant demand that enters and leaves in large blocks of power.

The solution of compensation equipment in containerized equipment under our brand FALCON proved to be very attractive for this customer and type of application. With modular design and plug and play solution, the installation cost of the equipment is considerably reduced.

In addition, we took advantage of some of the customer's investments, including some previously installed equipment within the control of the new equipment.


This solution was the one that provided the best economic performance due to the cost efficiency of the equipment, but also because of the ease of installation.

Now all its load centers are in compliance with a Power Factor higher than 97% 97% of the time.