Case Study

Tupy acquires a STATCOM and complies with Network Code requirements


Tupy Saltillo is currently in non-compliance with the power factor and current unbalance requirements of the Grid Code.

In order for the Tupy Saltillo plant to eliminate the two current non-compliances, an alternative that contemplates a STATCOM in delta connection is required. This is due to the fact that the current unbalance cannot be eliminated with load balancing, since part of its load is naturally unbalanced.




STATCOM 5 MVAR @ 13.8 KV + FALCON-M 9.6 MVAR @ 17.25 KV CB, which offer:

  • Avoid back to back effect 
  • Mitigate energizing transients 
  • Design with forced ventilation by 2 injectors and 2 extractors with alarm system in case of failure of these equipments. 
  • Electrical and mechanical interlocks on doors and accesses to prevent personnel from coming into contact with energized equipment. 
  • Alarms and controls to de-energize the equipment in case of opening any access to energized equipment. 
  • External operation of the phase and ground blade 
  • Position sensors and mechanical interlock between phase and grounding blade.

Engineers involved:

Eng. Adrián Granado / Eng. Eulalio Rodríguez / Eng. Ivan Carreón