Case Study

First STATCOM installation in a mine in Mexico with adverse conditions


Peñoles' gold and silver mine located in the mountains of Durango.

The company wanted all its mines to be in compliance with the parameters of the Grid Code.

  • Power factor non-compliance:
  • Flicker non-compliance
  • harmonics non-compliance

They first contacted us to perform studies on all 20 plants at all of their mines, where we generated customized solutions for the non-compliance at each of them.

The challenge at this mine was the 17-hour distance and freezing cold temperatures on the roads to get there.

They faced the following challenges:

  • Finding a supplier to service them due to the remote location.
  • Lack of telephone signal in the region, which made it difficult to carry out the project.
  • The mine had a very confined space for the installation of the solution, so we had to make adaptations to work in it.
  • Compliance with the mine's internal safety requirements in terms of personal protective equipment, anti-explosion and anti-collapse precautions.