Get to know Sapphire's PQSCADA App

Get to know Sapphire's PQSCADA App

Get to know Sapphire's PQSCADA App

Con la App PQSCADA de Sapphire cuenta con un control unificado de todos los dispositivos de calidad de energía y fuentes de datos en un sólo lugar.

Esta App ofrece una excelente funcionalidad y mayor rendimiento para el análisis y visualización de datos. 

  • Personalización de informes
  • Investigación de datos
  • Análisis avanzado de PQ
  • Alarma y control
  • Soporte multi-vendedor
  • Visión general en tiempo real

Conoce más sobre sus diversas funcionalidades y características a continuación.

Interfaz compatible con diversos dispositivos

PQSCADA Sapphire es una plataforma abierta, flexible, completamente programable, especialmente diseñada para una fácil personalización e integración. 

Admite numerosos niveles de personalización: desde configuraciones simples para el usuario final hasta el estilo XAML y codificación completa.

1.- Data visualizations

The PQSCADA Sapphire Power Quality research module provides numerous types of graphs to choose from such as: columns/bars, columns/stacked bars, multilevel pie, lines, curved lines, scatter plots and curved areas.

Trend graph: Display electrical parameters for a selected time range as one or more graphs.

Scatter event tables: View events for a selected time range according to standards or custom definition (such as CBEMA).

Statistics table

  • View selected parameters for a selected time range.
  • Any parameter (10,000).
  • Any time range.
  • Enter range.
  • Marked data.
  • Configurable percentile values.
  • Min, max, mean and standard deviation.

Phasor table

  • Display of phasor amplitude and angle for a selected time range.
  • Set limits.
  • Table of dispersion parameters.
  • Set zero alignment.
  • View scattered points of a specific parameter in relation to another parameter.

Energy plots

  • View multi-point energy data for the selected time frame.
  • Trend over time with total series.
  • Stacked bar.
  • Side-by-side bars.
  • Pie chart.

Cyclic histogram

The X and Y axes constitute a given number of intervals for Z values to be established. When a given X sample is selected, the Y value is measured and placed in the corresponding bin as a percentage, which is derived from a sample divided by the total number of samples in the measurement period T. If one or more values already exist in this bin, the percentage value is mathematically added to the previous values. The number of garbage cans is determined by horizontal and vertical resolution.

2.- Mobile application

Connect your smartphone to the PQSCADA Sapphire server to view real-time data, event notifications and system alarms. Also connect the app directly to any BlackBox device to configure and verify the installation. 

Event notifications

  • List of PQ events.
  • List of system events.
  • Event details and graph.
  • Report attachment.
  • Push notifications.

Real time view

  • Grid view: RMS, THD, power and harmonics.
  • Phase view: Three-phase voltage and current phase angle and amplitude.
  • Spectrum view: Voltage and current up to the 20th harmonic.

Connect anywhere

  • Location: View all connected devices on a live geographical map.
  • Live view: View real-time data directly on the map view.
  • Directions: Direct link to Google Maps for GPS direction.

3.- Real-time summary

View all measurement points on a live map with real time information and general status. It also has 3 widgets available to show the status of the power grid:

Power Quality: Displays a list of metering points that violate the preconfigured grid code. Provides a link to the map or investigation for quick access.

Disturbances: Displays a list of predefined short events that occurred during the last hour / day / week / month. A link to the map or investigation is available for quick access.

System: The system screen displays a list of system messages / warnings about the condition of the operation. A link to the system module for further investigation is available for quick access.

4.- Power quality analysis

The power quality module displays at a glance the status of the entire network or individual measurement points during the chosen time period. Power quality conditions are configurable and can comply with any grid code. 

Multiple compliance conditions can be applied to a single metering point for comparison. A complete report, based on the power quality compliance conditions, can be generated from the power quality module.

5.- Power Quality Software

PQSCADA Sapphire is a multi-component, vendor-free PQ software. PQSCADA Sapphire integrates data from protective relays, fault recorders, smart meters, power quality analyzers and other data sources into a single database.

PQSCADA Sapphire consolidates information from a variety of sources, supported data formats include:

  • COMTRADE: IEEE Std C37.111-1991 | IEEE C37.111-1999
  • PQDIF: Power Quality Data Interchange Format - IEEE Std 1159.3-2002
  • Elspec PQZIP - Continuous Waveform Recording
  • Elspec PQZZ - Continuous Waveform Recording
  • IEC 61850 MMS

To learn more about this solution or request a quote, please contact our consultants, they are ready to assist you.

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